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Mao Restaurant's interior design begins with the 'Chinese house' as a starting point. Inspired by the distribution of these ancient buildings to recreate an atmosphere and a transition between spaces typical of the time.

Mao interior
Mao bar interior
mao mural
mao interiors
Mao interior restaurant


On one side are private spaces whose intimacy is achieved by means of a brass screen with an opaque central circle illustrated with scenes of oriental landscapes. On the opposite side and as a major protagonist, the image of a Chinese Empress is incorporated that accompanies us to the stay of the mountains, whose landscape takes us to a bucolic world that we emphasize with the use of 'white umbrellas' that 'float' on the roof.


La continuidad del pavimento nos permite crear un espacio interior-exterior único, permitiendo que el restaurante se abra a una gran terraza decorada con mesas de mármol, sombrillas rojas y lámparas creando un ambiente único con un carácter claramente oriental a orillas del Mediterráneo.



Con la mejor vista del entretenimiento Max Live Pool Lounge, ahora puede reservar una mesa en el MAO VIP LOUNGE para tomar una copa después de las 9 pm.

Mao outdoor terrace


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